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We are a premier commercial construction and building maintenance company in West Chester offering support at every phase – from initial conceptual planning, to contracting and project management, to ongoing maintenance. Our exhaustive capabilities are tailored to each project to build high-quality products that meet our customers’ individual needs.

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Our system of complementary services will position your project ahead of the curve in today’s accelerated business environment.


Through bid negotiations, procurement, and quality control, our commercial construction team in West Chester will oversee the construction process to keep your project on time and on budget

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We offer ongoing building maintenance in West Chester to help support your facility through repairs and service, preventative maintenance, and emergency service.

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While based in West Chester, our facility maintenance team uniquely serves commercial customers of all sizes in a wide range of sectors, spanning the United States and beyond. Contact our commercial contractors in West Chester to inquire about your project.

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At DLI Commercial, we offer comprehensive commercial construction and facilities maintenance solutions to deliver maximum value to our customers. Our in-house team works collaboratively to implement innovative yet cost-effective solutions for local, regional, national, and international corporations. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding services in a timely manner with over 60 years of collective experience at every stage of commercial construction and building maintenance for your West Chester project.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our West Chester Commercial Construction Services

Commercial construction services can come with a lot of questions that are not always answered. Read more below on the common questions we get asked about the process, project specifics, and more. DLI Commercial wants to make sure you have as much transparency on a build as we do.

construction company in the delaware valley and pennsylvania, specifically philadelphia pa. we are committed to the integrity of communities in philadelphia pa, whether it is a healthcare business or education company
What types of commercial construction services do you offer in west chester?

DLI offers the West Chester area more commercial construction services than your average construction company. We can give you reliable contracting, planning, and designing for pre-construction, project management, and facility maintenance services for post-construction. Having this many services being offered is a rarity amongst commercial construction companies in Philadelphia, PA. DLI Commercial can do it all.

What is the process for starting commercial construction projects?

The first thing we like to do is have a thorough consultation with our customers to understand what location, budget, and timeframe they are looking at. Then, we start the preliminary design process as well as estimate how much the cost estimate is. Once that gets finalized, we reach out to various tenders and contractors who work with our West Chester commercial construction company to get the ball rolling. Soon enough, we will work on permits and licenses, then start the actual build and have your project finished in no time.

What are the benefits of using professional commercial construction companies in Philadelphia?

There are so many different facets of constructing a commercial property or development. Working with professional construction companies like DLI is better because we know all the industry standards. We also have tons of contacts that help guide you through the entire process without having to worry. Safety can be an issue when you do not work with professionals and the type of materials. These small things can make a big difference on the job.

Are there any special considerations for working in a city like Philadelphia, PA, in the construction industry?

Every city has its own required permits and zoning laws, but Philadelphia, PA, tends to have more, considering its size. Make sure you talk with your general contractor about what zoning law regulations, licenses, and permits you need before you start building; otherwise, you may be in for some hefty fines. Our West Chester commercial construction and building maintenance company has worked in industries long enough to know what resources you need to develop your office building or firm.

How long does a typical commercial construction project take?

Generally speaking, most commercial projects will take around six months to a year, but the length of any commercial construction project is determined by tons of different factors. What kind of commercial property are you building? What materials do you want to use? Who are you hiring for your subcontractors? How many permits do you need to build in a specific spot? Once you know all these answers, you should better understand what the timeline looks like.

What kind of budget should I expect for a commercial construction project?

Budget and timelines go hand in hand when it comes to commercial projects. Budgets tend to be determined by the location, materials, and contractors you want to work with. After going through all the possible factors, you will have a better idea of your budget vs. what you can afford and then make updates based on that.

What safety protocols do you follow during a commercial construction project?

Safety is more important than any other aspect of commercial construction, according to DLI Commercial. Our commercial construction and building maintenance company in West Chester specialize in following all the national and local safety regulations or rules so that each construction project runs smoothly and effectively. If someone on our team or a supplier or subcontractor needs to learn about the safety protocols, we make it our mission to educate them and get them up to speed. That way, everyone is aware of what is important on the job.

What is the best way to communicate with you during a commercial construction project?

Construction companies like DLI Commercial are known for giving you direct contact with someone on our team, and they will keep you updated throughout the entire process. Otherwise, feel free to phone, email, or even meet us in person to address any concerns. We give our customers full transparency when it comes to what goes into a commercial property.

Are you experienced in green building methods?

Yes, DLI has tons of experience in all types of building methods, including green building. We are proud to have worked using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient tools/equipment with some clients. Our reliable commercial construction company in West Chester is all about promoting environmentally friendly construction. Feel free to bring up this type of method if you are interested, and we can show you our past work from some satisfied customers.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?

DLI only succeeds when our clients are getting exactly what they want. Whenever a project goes askew, we are there to fix the issue as soon as possible. The quality of our work can speak for itself over the ten-plus years of being in the construction industry. We also diligently go through each building process step to ensure everything is done accordingly. Our project managers oversee all the specifics that go into the project to make sure nothing is going wrong.

What is construction management?

Construction management is a service a lot of commercial construction companies in Philadelphia, PA, offer where they oversee all aspects of the build. Whether it be the design of a healthcare building, hospitality business, renovations of offices, or even educational facilities, our construction management team at DLI Commercial is there helping you every step of the way to achieve your industrial dream.

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