Our Commercial Construction Services in NJ

Commercial construction in New Jersey is a familiar thing. People have been building commercial site development in this area for as long as we can remember, and DLI Commercial is one of the leading commercial construction consulting companies. We are a full-service company that can offer not only you construction services but facilities maintenance as well. If you are looking for a general contractor who will work with you every step of the way and make sure the project and completion are within budget and on time, DLI is the way to go!

Penta Manufacturing approached us to relocate their national headquarters and distribution warehouse. They required an industry-specific air ventilation system for chemical manufacturing, as well as significant electrical upgrades to the building. DLI Commercial converted 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and 14,000 sq. ft. of office space to Penta program standards, maximizing warehouse and production space. We provided general contracting and on-site supervision to oversee the project through its duration.

Comprehensive Project Planning and Management

Planning and managing a commercial project takes more than you know. There are so many different parts that sometimes people can overlook or forget about, and it affects the entire operation. DLI Commercial has been through the motions more times than we can count, so we know what details to be aware of. We also know how to manage a construction project gracefully so the owner has that our entire team is handling it every step of the way. This includes general contracting services, scheduling, keeping things under budget, quality control, construction management, etc.

Quality Commercial Construction Companies NJ Services

Construction companies are a dime a dozen in New Jersey. However, with DLI Commercial, you are getting more than the average firm. Our general contractor knows how important quality materials and equipment can be in constructing a commercial property or building like an apartment or office complex, healthcare facility, or educational building. We are not only going to be completely transparent throughout the planning, designing, and building steps, but we are also going to do it with the highest quality. This goes for all things construction, including the subcontractors and a general contractor we work with.

Areas We Serve – Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and more!

DLI Commercial is available throughout New Jersey, including Burlington, Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Cumberland, Camden, and more. We are here to ensure that all your construction projects are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Whether you have a small or large project, DLI Commercial is the contractor for it.

Reap the Benefits of Working with DLI Commercial

DLI Commercial has many benefits that not many construction management companies can match in New Jersey. We are known for our:

  • Thorough project planning and project management from start to finish
  • Quality construction buildings throughout NJ
  • Expert-level designing and budgeting
  • A qualified group of experienced contractors
  • Facilities maintenance benefits post-construction
  • Keeping you on schedule
  • Pre-construction consulting
  • Building additions

What Sets Us Apart from Other Commercial Construction Companies in NJ?

What makes us different is how consistent we are throughout a construction project. We will give you a general contractor and an entire group of contractors that will be by your side, giving you updates and answering any questions you might have. We also make sure to document everything as we go along in the project so that you can follow the progress and see what exactly is going on behind the scenes. When it comes to construction lien, we take great care to ensure all of our subcontractors are taken care of and that no one slips through the cracks regarding payment.

If you need a renovation job done or are interested in building a property on a budget, we can help. We have worked with multiple clients over the years and kept costs down as much as possible to construct exactly what they are looking for. So, if you are looking for a reliable construction company in northern New Jersey, look no further than DLI! Contact us today to get started!

Get in Touch for More Information on Our Professional Commercial Construction Benefits!

If you are serious about starting your retail property journey, contact us today on how to start. We can help walk you through the beginning steps of what we would need from your business end and answer any questions you will have. In the meantime, if you have questions now, feel free to read some of our popularly asked questions below and what the answers are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your construction services in Northern New Jersey?

DLI is known to value engineering, and we can offer a ton of services to you, including facilities maintenance, project management, quality control, private subcontractor management, budgeting, full construction, and more! Whatever you need, feel free to let us know, and we will make sure you will be satisfied in the best, cost-effective manner with our construction management group.

How can I get in touch for more information?

We can be available to you at any time! Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or directly from our website. We have spent over ten years helping happy customers and clients throughout NJ and are not ready to stop anytime soon!

What is the difference between commercial and residential construction projects?

Commercial and residential construction are very different when compared to each other. Each requires different materials, different designs, different machinery, and even a different workforce. DLI luckily has experience in doing all kinds of projects, including retail and residential, so if you are looking for an experienced team, you have come to the right place.

What is entailed in your facilities maintenance service?

Our facilities maintenance service covers a lot of post-construction repairs or renovations if you ever need it. Let’s say you started having electrical, engineering, roofing, masonry, or plumbing issues; DLI can help you in getting those fixed! We are here to make sure that your building stays in the best condition possible.

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