DLI Commercial’s Commitment to Sustainability


At DLI Commercial, we are committed to sustainability in our business practices. As a commercial
construction company, we recognize the significant impact our industry has on the environment, and we
are dedicated to reducing that impact through responsible and sustainable practices.

Policy Statement:

We believe that sustainable business practices are essential for the future of our planet, and we are
committed to reducing our environmental impact through the following measures:

Reduce energy consumption:

  1. We will strive to reduce energy consumption in our office and on construction sites through the
    use of energy-efficient equipment and technology, and by encouraging our employees to turn off
    equipment and lights when not in use.

Use sustainable materials:

  1. We will seek to use sustainable materials wherever possible, such as recycled or reclaimed
    materials, and we will work with our suppliers to source sustainable materials that meet our
    clients’ needs. We support and encourage recycling throughout our offices.

Reduce waste:

  1. We will minimize waste on our construction sites by implementing practices such as recycling,
    reusing, and repurposing materials wherever possible. We will also encourage our clients to
    consider the environmental impact of their choices when it comes to material selection and
    waste disposal. We also strive to be a paperless office, and avoid printing unless absolutely

Promote sustainability in our supply chain:

  1. We will work with our suppliers to encourage them to adopt sustainable practices, and we will
    prioritize suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability.

Encourage sustainable transportation:

  1. We will encourage our employees to use efficient transportation options, where possible.

Educate and engage employees:

  1. We will educate our employees on the importance of sustainability and how they can make a
    positive impact, and we will encourage them to share their ideas for reducing our environmental


To implement this sustainability policy, we will do the following:
● Assign a sustainability officer to oversee and coordinate our sustainability efforts.
● Regularly review and assess our sustainability performance to identify areas for improvement.
● Set targets for energy and resource use reduction and track our progress towards these targets.
● Provide training and resources to our employees to help them adopt sustainable practices.
● Communicate our sustainability policy and practices to our clients, suppliers, and other
stakeholders, and encourage them to join us in our commitment to sustainability.


At DLI Commercial, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. By
implementing this policy, we aim to ensure that our business practices align with our values and
contribute to a more sustainable future.