What’s the Difference Between Industrial Commercial Construction and Retail Commercial Construction?

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Believe it or not, commercial construction can be divided into different categories including industrial, retail, and more. Understanding each kind will help you decide what you want to build for your commercial property and what you need to do it. Industrial commercial construction often ends up being factories, power plants, or something that pertains to structures. While retail commercial construction is more consumer-focused and can be restaurants, offices, hotels, and more. DLI Commercial can luckily help you with either but let us explain each type first in this blog. Read on for more!

The Different Types of Commercial Construction Service

As we have mentioned, there are two main types of commercial construction: retail and industrial. Understanding what each is can help you decide which project you want to go with and how to go about it. Industrial commercial construction is mainly about using specialized skills to have full completion of the project. It is not uncommon to see industrial projects turn into manufacturing facilities, factories, pumping stations, and more related structures. DLI Commercial knows how to make these projects a reality, especially in the Chicago area.

Retail commercial construction focuses on consumer needs, with projects such as offices, restaurants, hotels, stores, gyms, and hospitals. These buildings must adhere to certain codes and regulations in order to be approved by governmental authorities even if you are doing something as specific as flood restoration or on site assembly. Companies like DLI Commercial are uniquely positioned to provide services for this type of commercial construction with their expertise and knowledge in the field.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrial vs Retail Development

Knowing what type of buildings are built under industrial construction or retail construction is half the battle. You also will need to know the advantages and disadvantages of both to help have a better understanding. For industrial construction, advantages can include higher returns and a better investment in the long term, but it may require you to have more money up front to build, considering it would need specialized equipment and contractors to build it in the first place.

For retail construction, it can require less work with fewer obstacles to face while building but may be riskier than an investment on seeing any sort of revenue or ROI. Either way, each type is going to have a specific commercial and institutional building design, so hiring an expert team like DLI Commercial will help you get the most out of your project.

Requirements for Safety and Efficiency for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Safety should be a number one priority for all commercial construction contractors. Not only is it good for the worker’s health but also for the structural integrity of the project itself. Industrial construction often needs more safety protocols than a retail construction project, considering how complex some facilities can be, but proper team and project management, like DLI Commercial, can ensure a safe work environment for all involved.

Also safety can also be more than just having workers wear hard hats or using equipment correctly. You will have to make sure that your institutional building general contractors are all up to code and have adhered to all local regulations; otherwise, you can face hefty fines and penalties that may delay the project. It is also super important to get all the permits and licenses needed before you even start institutional building construction so you can have a smoother process in the future.

Considerations When Choosing to Build a Commercial and Institutional Building

There are a lot of things to think about when you decide on which type of specialized construction work you want to go with. Think about the timeline you want it to be finished in, ROI, regulations, approvals needed, equipment used, and what type of contractor or specialty trade contractors are needed. A lot of commercial construction companies, especially in the Chicago area, can offer some of these services, but not all. DLI Commercial can do any type of project within your preferred timeline and budget. If you are thinking about doing any type of commercial construction in the Chicago area, then contact DLI Commercial today for a consultation on your project.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Project

There are multiple commercial contractors that you can find in your area, especially if you live in a big city. Choosing the right one can make or break your project and entire development. Here is what we think are best to keep in mind in making the right choice:

  • Get references from past clients to help determine a company’s reputation
  • Research who you are looking for. Make sure they have experience in all different types of commercial or institutional building construction, including retail, industrial, etc.
  • Ask for samples of their work or of similar projects to see if they align with what you want
  • Check their certifications and insurance coverage
  • Find out about their safety protocols and procedures

At DLI Commercial, we have years of experience in commercial construction services and are insured and certified. We can help you with all different kinds of projects, no matter what you are thinking. We have had years of experience in commercial and institutional buildings like apartment complexes, indoor swimming facilities, utility systems, storage tanks, service stations, grain elevators, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings, and more.


Overall, commercial construction is a daunting and complex task. If you are looking into a commercial and institutional building of an industrial project, think about the things we discussed in this blog including what type you would prefer, what kind of specialized equipment you would need, and what contracting company you would use. DLI Commercial can help you with all the things you would need when it comes to commercial construction. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need someone with a reputable brand, satisfied past clients, and a team that is licensed and insured.