Five Golden Rules for Managing Commercial Construction Baltimore Projects

Commercial construction Baltimore professionals are busy people- and project management is make or break for keeping things running smoothly. Working on commercial projects can be very rewarding- but you have more to think about than if you were building a house.

Some things that can make construction management more difficult for commercial contractors include inexperienced clients, safety concerns, design decisions, and coordinating many moving parts.

These five top tips for managing a commercial construction project are here to help you succeed. You could be surprised how far a bit of planning and preparation can take you and your team.

1: Be Realistic About the Schedule- Don’t Set Yourself Up to Fail

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High-quality construction services take time, and the fastest job is not necessarily the best. When you pitch, don’t be tempted to say you can provide an outstanding job in an unrealistically short timeframe- it is likely to make you seem disingenuous and a little naive-not things clients look for in contractors.

Be honest with the client- and yourself- about how long each step of the building construction or renovation is likely to take, and include a little wiggle room to allow for unforeseen delays.

Compare it to recent projects, and use your expertise to create a schedule that everyone can stick to.

2: Plan a Detailed Budget that Covers Every Scenario

Five Tips To Help With Your Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial building projects’ budgets must be as detailed and inclusive as possible. Once you give your client a quote, you don’t want to ask for too much extra- integrity serves you well in this business, and making major budgeting mistakes does not look good.

The four core components to consider when planning the budget are:

  • Design expenses
  • Construction materials
  • Labor costs
  • Unexpected expenses

Put as much detail as possible into the budget planning with all these things in mind, and it should help you significantly later on.

3: Expect the Unexpected- and Have a Proactive Plan In Place

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A good guiding principle in commercial construction is that you can never plan too much or be too prepared. Even experienced contractors with an extensive portfolio of commercial projects hit snags and obstacles- but it is how you handle them that counts.

Anything from on-site injuries to material shortages or shipping delays can throw your schedule off course- but having proactive management plans in place to deal with these things makes a huge difference.

Have additional workers on stand-by, and look at where you can adapt the schedule to minimize the impact of delays.

4: Prioritize Relationship Building with High-Quality Suppliers and Within Your Commercial Construction Team

Internal and external relationships can make or break a commercial construction company. Who you choose to work with- and how you handle those relationships- has a significant impact on how quickly and easily you can make things happen.

Authentic communication and mutual trust between the project manager, suppliers, and everyone on the team is essential for smooth and successful commercial building construction.

5: Stay On Top of Paperwork and Documentation- Careful Organization is Key

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Protocol and paperwork are not the most exciting parts of the job by any means, but there is an undeniable link between poor handling of documentation and below-par construction services. Project managers are primarily responsible for these things- so make sure yours is reliable.

Make Your Next Commercial Construction Project the Best One Yet

If you want to deliver high-quality services in your new construction project, make these golden rules priorities for how you conduct your business.

A commercial general contractor working in Greater Baltimore has a wealth of opportunity before them- but only if they can stand out as a well-organized, structured, and reliable company.

To sum things up, be realistic, proactive, and forward-thinking- all while prioritizing excellent communication and organization throughout. Master these things- and you can make the most of the commercial construction world.