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Complete your commercial construction project in Pittsburgh on time and within budget through DLI Commercial. You’ll have a team of highly skilled contractors working to meet your requirements. Schedule a consultation by filling out our contact form.

Ensure Your Project’s Quality

Handling the design and building of your construction project takes significant amounts of time and effort. It can be a daunting task, as it’s hard to know where to start, what features to include, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

Let DLI Commercial, a leading commercial construction company in Pittsburgh, take care of everything for you. You’ll get comprehensive services, from designing office and warehouse spaces to renovating and repurposing existing properties.

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Our Services

Find everything you need and ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and without compromising quality.

Commercial Construction

Build or renovate a structure, whether it’s an office, medical facility, fitness facility, or educational institution.

General Construction

Save time and money and enjoy peace of mind by leaving your project to experienced professionals.

Facility Maintenance

Keep all your facilities in good working condition to ensure productivity and preent disruptions.

Flex Warehouse Construction

Streamline workflows and get direct access to workspaces with flex warehouse and office construction services.

Multi-Family Construction

Gain in additional, long-term source of revenue by having build a high-quality multi-family home.

Retail and Restaurants

Set up your brick and mortar store by having us create a customizable space for retail or restaurant.

We Make a Difference

Experienced Workers

Commercial construction is a complex and challenging process. You might experience delays if you don’t have the right team on your side. Choose a company with a long track record of success and experienced workers.

The Highest Standards

We uphold the highest standards in the industry, use only the best materials, and never compromise on quality. Your spaces will be made to your exact specifications to ensure safety and efficiency once your building is operational.

Comprehensive Services

When starting a new commercial construction project, you don’t want to waste time and energy coordinating with multiple contractors. It can also be a huge hassle, and you might end up with a building that’s not up to your standards or is completed late.

Industries We Serve

DLI Commercial server just about every type of industry in Pittsburgh with physical location:

Educational Services




Real Estate




The Best in Safety

Commercial construction is a complex and challenging process that can often lead to accidents, property damage, and injuries if not done correctly. You must work with a company with high safety standards and a fully equipped and trained team to avoid these potential issues.

Choose DLI Commercial for your commercial construction project in Pittsburgh to avoid accidents, property damage, and delays to your project. Our team is fully equipped and trained to handle any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time hiring a full-service general contractor, then you may have a few questions surrounding the construction process. Moreover, finding reliable contractors in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania tends to be complicated. Whether you’re planning on improving your industrial or office buildings, our dedicated team of experts in Pittsburgh, PA, will ensure to do an excellent job.

The following section will cover more details about our commercial contractors, so if you’re looking to learn more about our project management services, make sure to keep reading!

How Can You Start a New Construction Project with Us?

Starting new construction projects with our company in Pittsburgh, PA, is easy! You can either contact  us via phone, via email or fill out our online contact form. Simple as that!

After communicating your ideas and project vision with our experts, we will be happy to answer any and  all questions you may have along the journey. Communication is one of the most important things we  pride ourselves on.


Depending on the size of the project, if any architectural plans have been designed/filed and, if permits  have been pulled from the building department. DLI Commercial can step in at any point during this  timeline and place project back on track. Keeping our finger on the pulse. At the same time  communicating and working together with our client throughout the process until conception.

What Makes DLI Commercial Reliable?

Our Pittsburgh, PA, Teams are dedicated and loyal professionals who take pride in any size projects,  big or small. Our consistency in repetitive clientele work speaks for itself. Our Clients are confident  when calling us, they know the job will get done and get done right. 

Any obstacles that arise throughout the course of the project life are immediately brought to light and  addressed, keeping the project on track towards completion. Whether it be commercial/general  construction to facility maintenance, and more, DLI Commercial will work diligently to achieve our  client’s vision. From inception to conception.

Efficient communication is one of our most important and primary goals, so you can rest assured that  our professional and experienced team will ensure the best results possible throughout the project’s life.

Are You a Full-Service General Contractor?

Yes! Our general contractor department works with a wide variety of industries and services. If you have questions about a specific project, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

DLI Commercial strives to achieve the best project investment value for our clients. One of the ways we  achieve this is to tackle all our projects by obtaining the highest quality materials and techniques in the  industry. This quality management will achieve excellent results for years to come.

Should You Do DIY Projects?

This obviously depends on the size and scope of the work. Doing small DIY projects as a hobby is one  thing. However, when it comes to major projects, one needs the correct resources in order to be  successful. For example, the proper experience, tools, insurance, warranty guarantees etc. These  types of tasks should be left to the professionals for multiple reasons. Safety is most important along  with getting the project done correctly the first time around and not having the burden of fixing it and  paying for it twice. Keeping in mind, if poor quality products and services are used, one runs the risk of  not being compliant and runs the risk of accidents and misfortune. 

On the other hand, if you hire a professional team with the required building expertise, your business  will get the best design-build possible. Our goal is to complete projects with our client interest being our  first while ensuring their trust and recommendation to future clients.

Why Is Hiring a Professional a Better Choice?

Every industry has professionals for a reason. They do their best. People need other people to help fulfill  their wants and needs. Not only is hiring a professional better for quality purposes, but professionals  will always have the necessary know-how in obtaining things like proper work permits and certifications  that will allow them to work with your commercial building. The construction industry in Pittsburgh, PA,  is very strict when it comes to quality standards. Best results are obtained by working with  professionals. Let DLI Commercial represent you in your next project.

Will a Construction Project Save You Time and Money in the Long Run?

Yes! People often see construction projects as an overwhelming investment. However, it must be  considered that not investing in one’s property will likely cause more expensive and extensive issues in  the future.

Working with the right firm saves both time and money. Having the right experience, our experts will  achieve these results which benefits “you” the client sooner than later. 

Do You Only Work with Building Projects?

While our company tends to focus on all types of building projects, we also target various renovation  projects. New construction is not always the correct answer when clients are looking to make a change  at their facilities. 

Simple esthetic renovations are always a great option to spruce up your office space and bring it back  to life. In some cases, a renovation project will do wonders for your property, and it will give it a fresh  look that you, your employees, and your clients will appreciate. Still, you may talk to our building  experts and determine what the best options are for your particular case.

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