Commercial Construction Services in Pittsburgh

Complete your commercial construction project in Pittsburgh on time and within budget through DLI Commercial. You’ll have a team of highly skilled contractors working to meet your requirements. Schedule a consultation by filling out our contact form.

Get the Best Commercial Construction Management in Pittsburgh, PA

Getting the best commercial construction throughout the Pittsburgh area is harder. There are a lot of Pittsburgh commercial construction companies to choose from in this location, and it can be overwhelming to decide who is the best. DLI Commercial can make it easy for you to decide, considering we can do it all and then some as far as Pittsburgh commercial construction goes. DLI has been in the industry for over ten years with nothing less than excellent service. Read more on why working with us in Pittsburgh is worth it.

Ensure Your Project’s Quality

Handling the design and building of your construction project takes significant amounts of time and effort. It can be a daunting task, as it’s hard to know where to start, what features to include, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

Let DLI Commercial, a leading commercial construction company in Pittsburgh, take care of everything for you. You’ll get comprehensive services, from designing office and warehouse spaces to renovating and repurposing existing properties.

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Quality Assurance with Licensing and Permits on Construction Projects

A big part of building a commercial construction development is getting the required licensing and permits to build in your preferred location. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh requires a lot of specific standards that all commercial projects need in accordance with state, local, and federal regulations. The good news is that DLI knows the ins and outs of construction permits and licenses. This is just another service we can offer to where it makes the job easier. You are ready to begin your project once you obtain all the proper paperwork!

Professional Construction Management Services

Our services continue beyond building properties. We can help you manage all areas of your commercial project. Do you need someone who can help you with pre-construction planning or someone who knows an experienced general contractor to do renovations? A construction company like DLI can offer all these services and then some. We specialize in all construction management aspects and are confident in completing your Pittsburgh commercial construction project management to its highest standards.

What Makes Us Different From the Rest of Commercial Construction Companies in Pittsburgh?

Most commercial construction companies in Pittsburgh, PA, only offer so much in the way of services. A reliable construction company or business like DLI offers tons of Pittsburgh commercial construction services that only a few competitors can match. We are also cost-effective and innovative and only offer the highest quality materials and workforce. Our contractors built offices, business buildings, healthcare facilities, law firms, and more!

There are other construction services we can give our clients needs, including:

  • facility maintenance after construction
  • renovations, installations, and repairs
  • professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process
  • a long list of experienced contacts to help in building
  • service customers all across the country
  • and more!

DLI Commercial: Your Trusted Source for Construction Management and Construction Services

Have you wished to have all your construction or renovation needs taken care of? DLI Commercial is a construction company that can help you today. We have provided not only a general contractor or a construction manager but also planning, designing subcontractor management, and even maintenance for when your project is finished and you want to keep it up. We also have tons of experience working with new building projects and the latest equipment and can promise you a clear project planning timeline, all while keeping it within budget. You cannot get this kind of promise from others in the Pittsburgh area. DLI will also keep your mind at ease when your project gets up and running by a trusty general contractor because we only work in the safest environments. If there is anyone you should trust your commercial projects with, it is us.

Our Services

Find everything you need and ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and without compromising quality.

Commercial Construction

Build or renovate a structure, whether it’s an office, medical facility, fitness facility, or educational institution.

General Construction

Save time and money and enjoy peace of mind by leaving your project to experienced professionals.

Facility Maintenance

Keep all your facilities in good working condition to ensure productivity and preent disruptions.

Flex Warehouse Construction

Streamline workflows and get direct access to workspaces with flex warehouse and office construction services.

Multi-Family Construction

Gain in additional, long-term source of revenue by having build a high-quality multi-family home.

Retail and Restaurants

Set up your brick and mortar store by having us create a customizable space for retail or restaurant.

We Make a Difference

Experienced Workers

Commercial construction is a complex and challenging process. You might experience delays if you don’t have the right team on your side. Choose a company with a long track record of success and experienced workers.

The Highest Standards

We uphold the highest standards in the industry, use only the best materials, and never compromise on quality. Your spaces will be made to your exact specifications to ensure safety and efficiency once your building is operational.

Comprehensive Services

When starting a new commercial construction project, you don’t want to waste time and energy coordinating with multiple contractors. It can also be a huge hassle, and you might end up with a building that’s not up to your standards or is completed late.

Industries We Serve

DLI Commercial server just about every type of industry in Pittsburgh with physical location:

Educational Services




Real Estate




The Best in Safety

Commercial construction is a complex and challenging process that can often lead to accidents, property damage, and injuries if not done correctly. You must work with a company with high safety standards and a fully equipped and trained team to avoid these potential issues.

Choose DLI Commercial for your commercial construction project in Pittsburgh to avoid accidents, property damage, and delays to your project. Our team is fully equipped and trained to handle any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pittsburgh Commercial Construction

If you have a hard time understanding commercial construction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our construction company.

How can I be sure that my project will meet quality guidelines?

DLI has worked with hundreds of happy clients in the greater Pittsburgh area industry to where we met new construction guidelines to a tee. So, if you are having doubts, check out our testimonials page or recent reviews. Our main goal is to make sure all of our clients, employees, and customers are 100% satisfied.

What is the process for obtaining a commercial construction permit in Pittsburgh?

Obtaining Pittsburgh commercial construction permits can sometimes be a timely process in general contracting. Luckily, DLI Commercial has had years of experience helping clients get the proper paperwork to begin the building process. So leave this task to us, and we can get it done as soon as possible!

What type of experience do I need to successfully complete a commercial construction project in Pittsburgh?

If you work with DLI, experience is optional. We can be by your side every step of the way and provide the experience you need to ensure your project succeeds. With our expertise in construction property management, DLI Commercial can help you plan and manage the whole project management from start to finish.

What materials can be used for commercial construction in Pittsburgh, PA?

Using standard materials for Pittsburgh commercial construction is easy to come by. What most people want is high-quality materials. This means using certified materials to meet the standards of Pittsburgh. Fortunately, a construction property management company like DLI works with only the highest quality materials to guarantee your project is completed successfully and safely.

Are there any city codes or ordinances to be followed when constructing a commercial building in Pittsburgh, PA?

Yes, as we have mentioned, there are many city codes, ordinances, licenses, and permits that you will need and rules to follow when you construct a commercial development. If you need all the details, give DLI a call, and we can walk you through each one and how we can make the process more seamless.

What are the safety regulations for commercial construction in Pittsburgh, PA?

DLI only works in the safest work environments possible. This happens by adhering to the latest safety regulations and using the best available equipment. Our team of experienced construction professionals also has a great track record regarding being safe in the workplace, and we are always looking for new ways to improve.

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