Are you deciding on which civil or commercial construction project to build in Baltimore? DLI Commercial can help you understand the differences and similarities. Read on!

Baltimore has roads, apartment complexes, bridges, and more, but what is the difference between civil and commercial construction? First, commercial construction services focus on developing private projects such as office buildings, business stores, restaurants, and other structures like tenant improvements for commercial use.

Five Tips To Help With Your Commercial Construction Projects

In comparison, civil construction focuses on projects that affect a community, such as roads, airports, water and sewer systems, bridges, etc. Both types of construction are both recognized as essential for Baltimore to thrive. Read more on how each type differs, the materials and labor each need, their challenges, and more!

What Type of Projects do Civil Construction and Commercial Construction Services Cover?

The civil construction business in Baltimore includes a variety of projects such as roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and other infrastructure improvements. Commercial construction involves developing private-use projects like warehouses, offices, apartment complexes, and other commercial structures. You’ll often see both types of construction happening simultaneously in Baltimore. Each type of construction involves different challenges and requires a different set of experienced staff skills. 

Luckily, suppose you want to build a commercial property. In that case, DLI Commercial can help set you up with some of the best professionals in a commercial construction company in the Baltimore area. Even if it’s just for something small like commercial painting, they have the services to help a company or multiple offices get the attention and dedication it needs. You will have help from the ground up and watch the growth with little to no stress.

Differences Between a Civil Construction and Commercial Construction Project in Terms of Materials and Labor 

Most people think construction is construction, no matter what specialization. However, the type of construction often requires different materials and labor. For instance, civil construction development requires more heavy-duty materials like steel and concrete to withstand extreme weather conditions and vehicle traffic. Also, civil construction may require more labor because of the specialized machinery and expertise needed for the project’s success.

Commercial construction services are less complex. Whether you’re planning, designing, or even just roofing, these types of projects tend to use less expensive materials like wood, drywall, and other non-structural components. It also requires less specialized labor teams than civil construction. This could be good news if you’re in the market to build a commercial property because, more often than not, commercial properties tend to cost less. 

Common Challenges Associated with Both Types of Construction in Baltimore

Every construction management site has its own challenges, especially in Baltimore, MD. Baltimore is notorious for an increase in population over the years, which has resulted in higher levels of traffic congestion and higher demand for living. This can create challenges for both the civil and commercial construction process nowadays because there’s a need to accommodate the increasing traffic and new residents.

You also will have to think about the limited space. Baltimore is very popular but isn’t exactly the biggest city in the country. That said, it can be challenging to fit in new structures and infrastructure without changing the existing projects. So if you have an idea in mind, like a business or office building, you may need to see what’s out there before you can start design-build services.

How to Find the Right Civil and Commercial Construction Company for Each Type of Project 

You’ll need to know who can do the design-build whenever you decide the right time to build your civil or commercial project. For civil construction, you’ll need to obtain multiple bids from contractors in the Baltimore area and compare them in order to find the best construction management for the design-build.

For commercial or retail properties, that all can come easy. DLI Commercial can do all the legwork in researching a reliable construction manager with experience while ensuring that your project meets local zoning regulations, building codes, and more.

Then after your plans are finished being built, DLI Commercial is able to help with facility maintenance, repair, interior renovations, commercial painting, and more! You won’t find a team in Baltimore that can do all these tasks in one. 

Benefits of Working on Civil and Commercial Construction Projects in Baltimore

Both types of construction contribute to Baltimore in some way. Civil construction helps improve infrastructure, while commercial construction can bring in more businesses, jobs, and development that can help bring in more economic opportunities to the area.

These projects also allow Baltimore to become a better-connected city with its suburban areas and offer locals access to new housing options and other services necessary for a modern city like Baltimore! 

Overall, a commercial construction project may be best considering the cost-effectiveness and quick build times that come with it. No matter what type of project you decide to invest in, whether it be an office or business, be sure to do your research to make sure that you’re choosing a general contractor who knows what they’re doing.

At DLI Commercial, we can help you find the right contractors for your clients and ensure that all local regulations are met. They’re trustworthy and founded on long-term alliances with customers and clients. For any construction ideas or visions, a general contracting firm like DLI can give you access to all the tools to build your new construction plans.


Hopefully, this blog allowed you to understand the key differences between commercial and civil construction in Baltimore. The benefits and challenges of each can be lengthy, but overall it’s good to know that it’s possible to find the right general contractor for each type of job.

If you’re looking to build a commercial property in the Baltimore, MD, area, contact DLI Commercial to help you with your commercial construction projects in Baltimore. We have years of experience and are committed to helping you finish the planning on time and on budget!